End Slips is provider of Weatherskin: Groundbreaking, Eco-Friendly Elastomeric Coatings

What is Weatherskin?

Weatherskin is a performance-driven company, with a focus on protecting investments with state-of-the-art weatherproofing technology and delivering first-class installation service 

Weatherskin is positioned to rise above the competition in the installation of Eco-Smart Coatings to various industries and on projects throughout North America.  Their business and as providers personify the ideal chemistry to bring the coatings industry to the next level with innovative, eco-friendly product lines designed and created to rise to the high standards of today’s environmental needs.

Weatherskin Products…


Developed without petroleum or bitumen ingredients to ensure our applicators, clients, and partners have air free of harmful VOC’s.

Green Certified

The products meet the highest standards and requirements in the most progressive markets across the entire planet. 

Earth Certified

Are developed to be, and will always be, safe for your family, pets, and the earth we live on. Green products drive us.

Why Weatherskin Works?

Weatherskin coatings work because of the quality and versatility of each one of the products. Weatherskin delivers the highest caliber coatings to the construction market-place with a performance that will always exceed expectations in life-span, adhesion, aesthetics, and ease of application.

The function of each coating is proven by rigorous testing, quality control and industry/consumer earned trust. Our commercial and industrial grade coatings are trusted by names like the U.S Department of Labor, the Mining Health & Safety Association and the Canadian Food and Drug Administration. We provide contractors with only the highest quality products and our installation service is second-to-none.

Flooring products – Weatherskin flooring products are proven to last on the inside of manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangers, box stores, and parkades.


Wall coatings – Weatherskin wall coatings have been proven on the walls of hospitals, restaurants, event centers, malls, hotels, and skyscrapers.

Foundation coating – Weatherskins foundation coating is trusted to ensure the protection of buried holding tanks, foam/concrete foundations, and mine-shafts.

Roofing – Weatherskin roofing is used to protect the inventory and assets of manufacturing plants, schools, food production facilities, and government buildings.

Specility -Weatherskin specialty products have solutions for special industries including mining, pre-fab building and oil & gas.

Anti-Graffiti Coating – Coming Soon…

Why Go Green?

We understand the importance of conservation and are committed to playing a part by producing and applying products that are environmentally sound. In addition to Weatherskin’s eco-friendly product line, Weatherskin and End Slips practices green application; the product has almost zero VOC’s and is safe for not only the environment but for the people and animals who come in contact with it. 

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