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Key Features


Water-Proof Not Just Resistant

Will repel water and keep surfaces waterproof for a long lifespan.

Perfect For Every Substrate

Product coats and protects all substrates including PTW, concrete, foam substrates, ICF, Wood and several more.

Radiation / Radon Resistance

Will block and control most levels of radon and off gases.

Rubber-Look 10 Times Thicker Than Paint

Extremely thick protective layer creating long lasting protection.

Rated For Use In High PH Compost

Has strong resistance to composting and degradation in underground applications.

Fire Resistance Available – Rating Of 10

Heavy fire protection and rating for burning surfaces.

Smoke Rating Of 5

Will not create dangerous levels of toxins when exposed to fire.

UV Resistant

Coating has a high level of UV protection.

Cold Applied

Cold fluid applied down to 5 degrees Celsius or 41 degrees F.

Environmentally Friendly

This product has low VOC content and made with environmentally friendly ingredients and can be used for LEED credits.

Highly Flexible

Product performs at 300% flex rating and is flexible on all surfaces.

June 2020: 7,500 sq.Ft WSM2: Below Ground

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