The United States Mining Health & Safety (MSHA) had a lack of products fit to be applied safely to their mechanical systems, and concrete block forms used primarily inside coal mines. The coating needed to be safe for the user to spray in confined spaces with added fire resistance, and a low gloss finish. They needed a water-proof barrier to prevent corrosion and eventual failure of these different components. Weatherskin was the answer. After over 1 year of testing the Mine and Safety coating was approved for use on controls and forms inside of mines. 

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Key Features


Water-Proof Not Just Resistant

Creates a watertight barrier that gives long term protection.

Special Bladder Bag Packaging Available

All aspects of specialty packaging can be handled for the client’s needs.

Confined Space Safe

No flash combustion or flammable attributes, very safe for all applicators above or below ground.

Cold Applied, No Fire Hazard

Liquid applied by sprayer or roller and will not cause spark or friction, allows for safe application in underground applications and confined spaces.

Durable, Tough And Seamless

Product is a 2-layer process that becomes a full seamless application, including all terminations and voids. This allows it to become tough and durable and protect the entire substrate.

Bright White For Additional Light Savings

WSM8 can be sprayed in bright white and can help reduce overall light installation spacing and create savings over all for performance and life span of lighting.

Extreme Cold Rating

WSM 8 is perfectly formulated to handle extreme weather applications and can handle temperature swings from ( -50 to +50) degrees or (-50F to +122F).

Environmentally Friendly

This product is low VOC and made with environmentally friendly ingredients, WSM8 can be used for LEED credits and environment standings.

Mold, Mildew And Bacteria Resistant

WSM 8 can help with resistance from mold, mildew and several types of bacteria within above or below grade applications.

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