Weatherskin’s first product was designed to endure temperature swings of over 100 degrees Celsius, brutal hail, snow, rain and sun. The application required a non-conductive, UV stable, environmentally sound coating that could be used on metal and foam insulated above ground holding tanks for the oil and gas sector. For coating buried tanks such as septic or water tanks refer to our foundation coating WSM2 Below Grade. 

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Key Features


84% UV Reflection Rating

Product repels harmful UV and creates a protective barrier on all surfaces it coats.

Extreme Cold Rated

WSM3 is perfectly formulated to handle extreme weather applications and can handle temperature swings from ( -50 to +50) degrees or (-50F to +122F).

Nonconductive – Static Free

Product does not create added static or charge to the substrate applied upon.

Cold Applied, No Fire Hazard

WSM3 application does not involve heat or dangerous chemicals in any way and is safe for spray or roller application.

Durable, Tough, Flexible And Seamless

Product is a 2-layer process that becomes a full seamless application, including all terminations and voids. WSM3 remains flexible, tough and durable over its lifespan.

Custom Colors Available

All colors are available for the client’s preference.

Environmentally Friendly

This product is low VOC and made with environmentally friendly ingredients, can be used for LEED credits and environment standings.

Tough Surface Protection

Can create a strong durable coating that gives lasting protection.

1% Fade Resistance

The product will not fade more than 1% of its original color per year.

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