Commercial Services: We’ll Meet Your Needs


Typical areas of treatment are the pool area, walkways, stairs and steps, lobby and lobby bathrooms, bathtubs, balcony, reception, breakfast and other common areas and of course guest room (bathroom) floors and tubs.

Hospitals, Rehab Facilities, Nursing Homes, & Urgent Care Centers

Medical staff, patients, visitors, family members. How many people walk on your floors on a daily basis? Are your rooms, receptions areas, public and patients’ bathrooms, walkways, sidewalks, ramps and all other floors safe? Don’t wait to get your floors treated with our non-slip products.


No matter what type of restaurant you own, food and drinks will spill, wet shoes will enter your building and kitchen and behind the counter floors get slippery. Not to mention the walkways, bathrooms and/or ramp leading up to your restaurant! Protect yourself, your staff and patrons by making sure your floors are treated with a fitting non-slip treatment.

Gyms, Country Clubs, & Spas

You treat your members like family. Are you 100% sure that all your surfaces are safe when dry and wet? The pool area, locker rooms, bathrooms, walkways, steps and stairs, lobby and gym floors? If there is any doubt at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Professional Offices & Commercial Real Estate

How many visitors do we get each day? Are all floors, ramps, bathrooms, walkways, sidewalks ETC safe when wet? Don’t assume, use our Coefficient of Friction testing services.

Mall, Retail, Malls, & Industrial/Parking Garage Flooring

Spills and condensation are also a common occurrence on industrial floors and parking garages, also putting those that use these surfaces potentially at risk. There is no need worry, call for a surface testing appointment today!

Government Buildings, Public Facilities, & Warehouses

Many municipalities and facilities have had their floors, steps, bathrooms, wheelchair ramps and other surfaces tested to make sure they meet recommended standards. Please feel free to contact us.

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